Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle: Tips that will Change your Life

Recently I had a lengthy conversation with my Doctor about Personal Health. After leaving the office it had me thinking about how we often ignore the signs that indicate our health is deteriorating without even giving it a second thought. It is medically proven that when we are young our organ systems work in tandem to digest, absorb, assimilate, and metabolize just about anything we consume. Also, it recovers and rejuvenates itself at a faster rate. However, as we age it is important that we take good care of ourselves this is partly due to the fact that our body slows down as we grow older and we become more prone to lifestyle illnesses. Therefore to experience a long and successful life we must maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What is a Healthy Lifestyle? 
The term healthy lifestyle refers to a balance in all areas of our life which includes a complete physical, social, and emotional health. Therefore we must have a balanced meal, exercise regularly, abstain from all forms of recreati…

Agent of Change: The Mission is Success

We are all change agents despite our social background or upbringing regardless of race, class, color, creed, and religion and we all possess the qualities to become Agents of change. How we use these attributes will determine our level of influence on those we come into contact with. For this lesson, we are going to examine who is an agent of change, the qualities of change agents, and the benefits of being a change agent as you strive for success.

What is Change? 
The term change in this context refers to the process by with an individual adjust, develop, adapt, or evolve into something else. This is often seen as changing their basic characteristic to become distinct from what was before by reinventing one's personal image. We all have the ability to change but do we posse the capabilities to influence others in our surroundings to become their best self. The law of Biodiversity dictates that even the smallest of change in a single ecosystem can greatly impact the environment a…

True Justice for Society by R E Smith

Society is riddled with immoralities and lawlessness and this has become increasingly common almost as if it is the norm for society to behave like they are in a cinematic universe of GOOD versus EVIL or the Law versus Society. The lines of morality, truth, and integrity have become blurred that people no longer realize what is right or wrong in society. The moment a crime is committed and the Justice System acts speedily and without hesitation, we hear the cry echoing through our communities WE WANT JUSTICE but what is justice without integrity? And how can justice be carried out in a society when people have lost their way? When did it become the norm to challenge the law even when it is working for our own good?

What is Justice? 
Justice is referred to as lawful or righteous actions. It also indicates what is morally correct or the right thing to do. Most scholars and religious practitioners emphasize the need for justice and fair treatment for all men. However, there is so much in…

Developing Success Habits by R. E. Smith

Many people work all their lives with the hope of becoming successful but only a few achieve success. This is because they have no clear vision of what they want their success to be thus making it increasingly difficult to reach the pinnacle of success. To become successful we must develop the ability to stick to our goals and aspirations and remember that stability is the hallmark of success. Oftentimes our failures are due to our own inconsistencies as we are not disciplined enough to stick to our own desires. For the purposes of this lesson, we are going to focus on how we can develop our success habits.

What is Develop? 
The term develops in this context refers to carefully nurturing and cultivating the characteristics needed to grow the right tools to become successful. This definition highlights the fact that our unique characteristics and personalities have much to do with our growth and development as successful human beings.

The Basis
Like anything else in life that individuals…

The Cry of the People by R. E. Smith

It was Marcus Mosiah Garvey that said "There shall be no solution to this race problem until you, yourselves, strike the blow for liberty.” We are living in a society that is riddled with moral and social injustice. Society is going through a process of moral decay and it is moving so rapidly that social scientists have no idea as to how to stem this social pandemic.

The state at which the value system is rapidly disappearing is a serious cause for concern. The "Powers" pretend as if they are unaware of this issue that has crippled us as a people. The fact of the matter is that we have allowed the popular culture, prejudice, and racial discrimination to take root in society and everyone has a right to advocacy, equality, and free speech but limited social statues or guidelines are emphasized to hold us accountable for our actions.

Systems of Accountability
The greatest breakdown begins with the Family, Religion, and the Education System as these social institutions are…

Four Steps to Overcome Failures: Give yourself a Chance at Success

Have you ever wanted something so intensely that you put all your time and effort into achieving it but failed?

Have you ever wanted that dream job only to be told that you do not fit the business model?

We all have those moments in life when failure sets in and trample our dreams. However, do not lose hope but rather give yourself another chance at success find it within yourself to be determined and stick to your goals because failure is not a disappointment but rather a tool to achieve your success and a stepping stone to greatness. Join me on this journey and let us examine four proven steps to overcome failures at different stages of our lives.

Stages of Life
Life is a combination of stages that we must traverse to grow, develop, and ultimately become one mind, body, and soul. Our success as individuals hinges on our ability to carefully navigate each stage and overcome the challenges that exist. It is, therefore, our responsibility to ensure that we are able to pilot the vario…

Dream Chaser: Six Steps to Accomplish Your Goals

"The greatest challenge in life is sometimes learning to believe in yourself".  R. E. Smith. Don't waste your time trying to accomplish someone's idea. Instead use your time to chase after your dreams and become a Dream Chaser. Oftentimes individuals put aside their dreams and goals because they were introduced to an idea by a friend or colleague. Putting your time and effort into accomplishing another person's idea will result in you "killing your dreams". Let me make this perfectly clear, there is nothing wrong with helping others to accomplish their goals and aspiration because our aim should always be to assist others to grow and develop but try not to sacrifice your dreams chasing a vision that does not align with your plans. For the purpose of this lesson we will examine who is a Dream Chaser and six ways to accomplish our dreams.

What is a Dream? 
A dream is a feeling or sensation that usually occur at nights or during the day. Scholars agree th…
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